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I have no idea if this will give the same result to other people---I have reported earlier and nobody responded---that is fine----but I switched from Benicar to the one with the diuretic and within 3 days my bp has dropped dramatically---

I have been on bp meds for 5 years---my family member pharmacist and others had said, well you know the first line of defense for newly diagnosed high bp in an otherwise healthy person is a diuretic---

Nobody did that---I won't go through my whole adventure---but after just a couple of days my bp has gone way down-----
and I feel good--

I was transitioning off Norvasc---didn't like side effects---Lisinopril didn't work well---the Benicar alone---
and we are also dealing possibly with thyroid issues so the anxiety factor overlaps---

but my God, my numbers are good, I slept last night, I can get a ring on my finger I could not do for a year or two----
if this really works I am a very happy camper
I think I was not clear----that the original doctor I had 5 years ago is the idiot who
put me on a ccb because he had samples in his office. Fortunately, for a variety of reasons I "fired" him a few months ago and now have an internist who is great. I first
fired the original doc because of issues of his treatment for my thyroid and how he treated me like an idiot. My new doc and I are working on that----and I asked him to change my Norvasc to another drug. He was all for it and he himself didn't understand the ccb as a first line of defense--

So we tried lisinopril which didn't agree with me---then Benicar---but it seems the HCTZ in the Benicar is what I needed all along.

Frankly, the Norvasc (amlodipine now) kept my bp down, but I got tired of the swelling and I am convinced that the numbness I have had in my feet which seemed to increase the longer I took amlodipine was a side effect.

My new internist very much likes the ace inhibitors and the ARB's for a variety of reasons----and I can see how the diuretics are such a great anti-hypertensive, too.

I try so hard to be pro-active and read and ask questions and research----and I should have asked a long time ago, well why not a diuretic since everything I read talks about that.

Well, here we are finally.

And I did file a complaint with my insurance company who takes very seriously if their customers are happy-----in particular because I am fortunate my husband works for a large company and my insurance company has a particular phone number for those employees. I partly blame myself for not firing that first doctor a long time ago---but at one point I had thought he was a pretty good doctor-----until he started treating me
like a candidate for the asylum.

Thanks for all the input