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I was diagnosed HIV+ eleven yrs ago. My T-cell count has never been above 200 and my viral load has never been detectible. I have never had ARS or any similar illness related to my HIV status. I have been on a variety of meds and have been on Agenerase, Epivir, Norvir and Zerit from 11/1999 through 5/2004 when I dropped the Zerit and started taking Viread. SInce I work as a social worker in a large trauma center, it is relatively easy to track my lab work and what I am discovering is that my hemoglobin has dropped steadily sicne last May. It was then 13.2 and now is 6.6. I was transfused in November which brought it to 9.0. ALso, I have followed up with a hematologist recently who requested that I have a CT scan of my spleen done. The previous CT scan indicated that my spleen was 12 cm and now is 19 cm. The hematologist has suggested removing my spleen and, even though I work in the hospital setting, I am scared as hell of becoming a patient in one. So, my question is: How much of the changes are related to the new medication (Viread)? Is this change unusual? And has anyone else had an issue with their spleen? Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can help.