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My doctor won't prescribe the other BP medicines to me unless I get my tubes tied or my husband gets a vasectomy (sp?). He says they are too dangerous in case I get PG again. I do find that annoying because I am on birth control (nuvaring), just don't want to do anything permanent yet.

But, ultimately my goal is to lose enough weight so that I don't need the BP meds at all anymore. I lost 10 pounds before going on WW last year, then 30 pounds on WW. So, lost a total of 40 pounds (am down from 220 to 180). If I lose 30 pounds more (achievable within one more year I think), then I probably will not need BP meds at all anymore (I didn't when I was 150 before). And, all of my other tests are good. I am not pre-diabetic, my cholesterol is great, etc. So, if I can just get the weight and BP down, I will be in pretty good health.

By the way, my doctor is real skeptical that anyone can change their lifestyle enough to lose this much weight permanently or get off of BP meds. I might need to change doctors to find one that is more supportive. It is real annoying because he treats my 'diet' like it is just a fad for me and I've been doing it for over a year. And, even stuck through it w/almost no weight loss for the past 6 months (since being on atenolol). It is truly a lifestyle change for me and I am absolutely commited to getting off of BP meds eventually.

I need to take a closer look at that thread on how to naturally lower BP. And, maybe a diuretic is all I need at some point. Although, if you drink enough water, doesn't that have a diuretic effect anyway. I will talk to my doctor more in one month.

Oh, and as for weaning off, he said it wasn't necessary, that I could just switch back to the aldomet. So, I am gonna try that and see how it goes. If I have problems, then I'll talk to him about it. One of the reasons I wanted to switch last night, though, was because my exercise class is canceled this Friday so I have 4 days to be off of the atenolol before I exercise again which it seems like if I was gonna have any serious problems, I'd feel it when I was exercising.