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Cancer: Bladder board

  1. Chronic Bladder Infections - HELP!
    ... running constantly for the past 2 years. I started on OGEN .625mg just about 2 weeks ago, when I went to my Doctor ... and asked him for estr ogen . No changes yet, but I'm really hoping that it will...

Thyroid Disorders board

  1. Transdermal T3 anyone?
    ... progesterone creams in my data base. Premarin and Ogen are teh main ones.. some natural menopause creams...

Menopause board

  1. Hrt
    ... that now) but kept ovaries. Later on switched to Ogen , then the patch. Now using Estrogel, age 55. I have...

  2. Does anyone here take Natural BioIdentical Hormones?
    ... complete hysterectomy when I was 29 I am now 56. I took Ogen until 2000 then started phytoestrogen and took it ... for 6 years. The phytoestr ogen was like taking nothing too weak!!! So I started bio ... the bio-identicals. So in July I started back on my Ogen . I know there are risks involved but I had very good ... results with Ogen . No menopausal nightmares and I took them for 20 years...