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Sorry about the delay - I've been a bit busy seeking help. My surgeon has temporarily vanished, as has her secretary. As a specialist in the NHS she works in hospitals all over this area and only does a clinic locally every 2 weeks I have discovered - they refer me to her secretary. Meanwhile I saw my GP's nurse about the op wound issue today and got great advice and dressings - just as well as yesterday I became allergic to the plasters I was using to stick down the dressings I was using. Now large parts of my foot are red and swollen and the boot is even more painful to wear. But the advice should work in the long term - she suggested I should wear the boot looser and maybe the rubbing will apply to other parts of my foot and take the pressure off - worth a try. She also said it was impossible to wear a boot weighing 5lb all day and not to!
Another suggestion was to just turn up at emergency department the hospital and complain about the boot and they would have to see me. But I was told by the plaster technicians that the only have one other option for me - to take it off and put me back in plaster. I really don't want that - maybe the boot will get better but now this is over a week and the pain was pretty bad again last night.

I saw my Physio yesterday and was given plenty of gentle exercises to get my foot function back on track and some exercises for general leg strength so I can improve quickly when the boot officially comes off. Of course she said I needed to see my surgeon about the boot issue. Back to square one.

The wound is still opening up on each wear but it is slightly better now I am wearing it less!

I can only cope with one of these meeting each day - I need to rest my foot after that. I have an old friend who is a private physio with considerable sports injury experience. I am going to see him tomorrow and meanwhile try out my latest advice.

If no more improvement then I will have to get better pain meds and a plaster -but this will just slow my recover so much I want to be sure first. Meanwhile it time to rest the foot.

Pain meds presently [uk names are the only ones I know]:

30mg dihydrocodeine every 4-6 hours
1gm paracetamol 4 times per day [not enough but it is toxic at higher doses
standard ibuprofen doses every 4 hours for anti inflammatory effect and pain control
40mg omeprazole re the bleeding as below
I am taking all of this and still not getting full pain control

Pain meds before - 50 or 100 mg Tramadol [suddenly they gave me me nausea at 50mg and made me sick at 100mg]
50mg Cyclizine to control the reaction above [thye have always they given me spasms and physical jerking but it got dramaticaly worse]
paracetamol as above
50mg Diclofenac for anti inflammatory effect as well as pain control [this suddenly made my duodenum bleed]
20mg omeprazole to prevent duodenal ulcers