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Hey folks I am new here and so glad I found this forum. I had a few questions about LPR if any of you can help. I know everyone is different but did your symptoms arise slowly are all at once?
I have been to my gp a few times since august and she things I have LPR or GERD. I actually went because my inner ears are blocked and swollen and red and she did a few x-rays and sent it to specialist and they came bk normal except for the fact that I have a deviated septum. Well, my symptoms started a few months ago. I noticed that I was had a bit of hoarseness and was clearing my throat a lot but didn't really pay any attention to it as I talk a lot and also yell a lot in my profession. Nothing else for a few months or so then I noticed the hoarseness again. Well in august, my ears were really blocked up and I was very dizzy so this is when she did the x-rays. Will since then, I have hoarseness, sore throat off and on, burning in my throat sometimes, what I feel is mucus in my throat, and I am often clearing my throat. Are these symptoms of LPR? I am so scared and worried about cancer. I don't smoke (I quit 6 years ago) and I don't drink either. I did however gain some weight during these months due to stress. When I talk the hoarseness gets worse and so does my sore throat? does this happen to any of you? My doctor has given me sandoz omeprazole (think that is the generic name) and I have been taking it for 2 weeks and see no difference. I have no heartburn though but sometimes when I bend over, I will have a bitter taste come up in my mouth.