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hello, for almost a week now i have suffered what i call ''blackouts'', what i mean is that i dont remember what happened anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, my family says that i act normally, and that i am not unconscious, i have experienced blurred vision, headaches, and light-headedness, lately it has also been very hard for me to eat due to upset stomach. It is also very hard for me to sleep, its a bit odd, but I feel sick, but nothing hurts.
A day before all of this accured i took a great number of orphenadrine citrate(norplex), presrcibed to me for spinal pain.i took a total of 9 to be exact, this is a link of the medication i took : [url]http://www.medicinenet.com/orphenadrine-oral/article.htm[/url]

i have had many of these side effects, but most are gone.
a few days ago i went to the ER room, i was given a CT scan of my head, blood and urine tests, all results were negative, the doctors were aware of the norplex , and they are a bit confused because it should not be affecting me after so long, what should i do? :confused: