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I have problems with elevated progesterone. Since the birth of my son I have experienced being in a constant state of panic for weeks at a time. My mood swings are ridiculous. Half the time I feel like I am losing my mind. I'm also very forgetful. I started taking a low dose birth control that was working wonders. I recently ran out and now I feel the symptoms coming back. My anxiety levels are so high it's frightening. I also haven't had a period in over a month. I know it's because my levels are back up, but I can't get in with the doctor to get more pills. Definitely have them test your thyroid, progesterone and estrogen levels. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of what's going on. Good luck and take care!

What BC pill did you find helped you? I have the same thing...I had bad panic attacks and started Ortho-cept 15 years ago and they went away!!! But then my DR. took me off of them as he said they were dangerous...he put me on Yasmin and I always felt fat so I stopped taking them. Now the Panic attacks are back.....I need a new pill but I dont know which one to ask for. TY......Gina