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Yeah Ive tried Ortho Tri-Cyclen, which gave me headaches made me crabby, etc. And Ive tried Yasmin which does not help your sex drive and I had all kinds of problems with it. And on top of that I could never remember to take them. I tried to Depo shot, that was a living nightmare. I had my period for 3 months and I couldnt stand to be around my self. I can NOT find a birth control that doesnt effect my hormones or sex drive or my body. I HATE BIRTH CONTROL I dont understand why they cant make something for men to take. If you have any suggestions for me I will try something else but so far I havent had luck with anything.

Try something with as little hormones as possible.. Try The Pill Alesse or Desagen (think thats how to spell it) They are supposed to be the best ones for that. I was on Alesse for over 2 yrs and I didn't mind it.. I tried Ortho-Cept I had 9 day periods, Ortho-Tri Headaches and Bloated all the time- Some weird Orange pill don't even remember the name but i know it made me Real Gassy-- I'd say to try Alesse. I would recommend it. I just started the Patch today and with the money i spent on it I'll do it for the 3 mths and then back to Alesse! Try that Good Luck! O- yeah and I got off the pill because I was on it for 4 yrs and I thought you shouldn't be on it for a long time. But Now my period is all screwed up so I want back on to know when its coming! hehe..