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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I don't know much of the lingo or a whole lot about this stuff actually . But I wanted to share my experience with Depo, and get any advice anyone has for me.

I was on the depo shot for about one year. I was supposed to take the shot again on Feb 19 this year (08) but didn't. My husband and I are not actively trying to conceive, but it's in the future. That's why I didn't take the shot last month. I wanted to get the shot out of my system so when we began trying, it might be easier. The more i read on the internet , the more I think it's not going to happen that easy.

My history, I am 26, never been pregnant. I have never had a regular period, I could never say "I'm going to start on this day" or even this week lol I stopped having periods for a few months on end when I was about 18 or 19. I am overweight, went on Weight Watchers for a while when I was about 21 and lost a lot of weight. My periods came back when I lost the weight. Then I gained it back ( plus more lol). The periods stopped altogether when I gained it back. I went for over a year ( I actually lost track for a while) without having a period. I was 22 or 23 when I went to the health dept ( i had no insurance then and had actually never been to a gynocologist). The health dept. diagnosed me with PCOS and suggested I get a transvaginal US. Again, I had no insurance, so no US was done. No PCOS treatment was initiated by the health dept. regardless of the US being done or not. The health dept. gave me Ortho-cept birth control pills to get me to start a period. I was not sexually active at this time either. I took the birth control pills for about a year. I got a new job, got insurance (Yay!) and went to an OB/Gyn. I like my ob/gyn , she is good at what she does and is very professional. In between starting birth control pills and seeing my ob/gyn I developed High blood pressure. My primary physician put me on HCTZ for the hbp. My ob/gyn was worried that the birth control pills were the cause of the hbp and since I was already diagnosed with it, felt I didn't need to be on the pills for the reasons of blood clots, stroke, etc. So she gave me two options: Depo Provera or IUD. I opted for depo. i was sexually active at this time and thought it would be a good solution, no periods, birth control, yay! I only had a couple of spotting episodes while on depo and then basically no periods ( which doesn't bother me lol). Right around the time I took my first depo shot, my ob/gyn had me have a pelvic US. This US confirmed the fact the I DO NOT have PCOS, the health dept. misdiagnosed me. My ob/gyn told me that I had no evidence of PCOS, and only very small amount of thickening on the walls and that was be expected, it wasn't abnormal.

Now like I said, I was supposed to take my next shot on Feb. 19. I didn't. Not been that long since coming off the depo, but still no periods or spotting yet.
Am I ever going to get a period back since I hadn't had one for such a long time before? Do I need hormones? Do I have amenorrhea? Why hasn't my ob/gyn addressed this with me? I am frustrated and very impatient I know, but does anyone have any advice? Have I really messed myself up with depo?