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I agree with you - to some extent. I tried this for a long time and a lot of things helped: have you got a good consellor/therapist? It is critical if you think that your depression stems from any aspect of your life that you see someone, it can be a truly wonderful and enlightening experience, but make sure you get someone you are comfortable with and try a couple of people if you are not; in general talking to people, even just to say to friends 'I'm feeling a bit down today', really helps instead of suffering in silence, also I don't know what your work/school situation is but it is good to put them in the picture, I recently told my boss how I was feeling and it was such a relief to be able to say 'look, I'm not slacking but having genuine health issues'; try to get up and out and do things when you have no energy but equally sometimes just accepting that if lying on the sofa watching the tv is what helps then letting yourself do it without guilt. Exercise is wonderful and also have you tried yoga? Both a good, fast routine but also try and find a meditative class aswell, sometimes just sitting and concentrating on your breathing in this kind of setting is very calming and uplifting. Diet can be very important, getting a good all round diet with lots of fruit and veg, some meat and nuts and some dairy, a lot of these low-carb diets can affect your mood so I wouldn't recommend that. NO alcohol, I don't know if that's an issue but I got to the point when even if I had one drink it would be great for a while but ultimately bring me down (also good if you want to diet!). I don't know if you are female but I found that going on birth control helped some aspects of my depression (I'm currently on the OrthoEvra Patch and its great, I also tried the progesterone only injecion but that made me worse).

However, having said all of this I have ended up going back on anti-depressants which have really, really helped me (I'm on Effexor XR), not only is my mood a lot better but I realise that I am one of those people you talk about who needed drugs, you can get a very low dose of Effexor XR (35mg) and that might help if the rest doesn't, yes, they do have some side effects, its taken me a couple of weeks to sleep properly at night, but I haven't got the same not wanting sex side-effect that I got with Prozac, just because Zoloft didn't work for you, it doesnt mean another drug won't.

I really admire you trying to do a great deal of positive things to help, as I said, I did this aswell and it meant that when I remained depressed I knew that it was almost all a chemical imbalance as opposed to any other aspect of my life. Good Luck.