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Hi Yall,

I was diagnosed with Endo in 1996. I have had multiple laps from then until now. last one was in 2001. I have Stage 4 Endo. that was in 2001. I have tried Orthoevra patches, which i liked, but was afraid of blood clots. I have been on every birthcontrol pill known to man. I tried the nuvaring. I have tried it all and now i take nothing. Even back in 2001. i had to take the Lupron injections and that made me turn into a monster. I even asked my gyn for a hysterectomy. Im 30, married 12 years and no kids. He says Im too young. I wanted to slap him! Im tired of dealing with the pain every single month. Sometimes twice a month. I have pain so bad in my stomach and back and it radiates down to my legs and they go numb. I think I need to find a female doctor. Just wanted to share my story. Thanks for listening.:wave: