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I don't know if this would work for everyone, but I think I have figured out a solution as to why I had such terrible cramps from hell. Ever since I started, I had awful cramps. They would get so bad sometimes that I would throw up. I went through every OTC med out there. Every once in awhile I would notice that the cramps weren't bad at all, but it would only happen every once in awhile. I finally figured out what it was. Ever since I was a little kid, I was always drinking tea, eating chocolate or drinking coffee. To make a long story short, I cut waaay down on tea and chocolate for a month. And guess what? My cramps really got better! I really do believe it's because I cut down on the black tea and chocolate. You don't have to cut it out altogether, and I do still need to take some meds (I take Orudis, it's some sort of ketoprofen and is an OTC), but it's so much less terrible! I just wanted to tell people about this in case they have similar circumstances. I do have to say that I've never gone to the gynecologist about my cramps ever, and that I haven't had any sort of gyne exams done to me. But, it's worth a try, believe me. I cut down 90 percent on caffeine about 15 days before I am due to menustrate. I hope this works for you if you have cramps from Hell. Good luck!