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Hey I totally spaced it...there is one med I have been given that helps for bone and muscle pain that might help someone else here. A naturopath prescribed it for me for migraines. Its Ketoprofen cream. I know I thought how could a cream work because things like Aspercreme never really worked for me. The ND told me to rub on back of neck and on temples to fight off headaches. It does work if the headaches are more muscular related. However the real help came from the pharmacist that compounded it. He said he rubbed it on his knuckles when it started aching and pain went away almost instantly. Well I have some hand pain and a particularly arthritic toe which I rubbed the cream on and it is like a miracle drug. Also worked on my sprained ankle. The best part is since it is a cream it bypasses the stomach and liver hence no nasty sideeffects. Ketoprofen, also known as Orudis, can cause gastric damage if taken orally.