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Has anyone here tried an over the counter anti-inflammatory called Orudis KT? I read on the internet that some people had better relief from it than from Advil which is what I'm now taking. I tried Celebrex but it did nothing but give me these stabbing chest pains which went away after I stopped taking it.
I have used Ketoprophen (Orudis KT) for a while. I usually take 2 tablets and my pain --whatever it may be is gone in about 15 minutes. I SWEAR by this stuff, it has taken away pain for my menstrual cramps better than anything on the market. It relieves the pain from my Carpal Tunnel in my wrist. It takes away the pain I have in my ankles caused by sports injury. I rate this drug a 10 and I DO NOT take any other drugs, and wish I didnt have to take anything, but it really is the safest and best thing I've ever used.

I'm making a note of this Orudis KT. I will watch and see what you all think of it, maybe I will try it later also. This board is sure neat, how we all can takes notes from each other.