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I feel his pain! I've had flare-ups off/on for 15yrs. Tried many folk remedies. Cherries
didn't work & doc laughed, yet he then said try 100% cranberry jc. I did & it lessoned
length of days. 8oz a day helped. Mine is always just below big-toe & swells, red-hot
appearance, breathe on it & I'll kill U! Fast relief is elevated up on a pillow w/ a bag of
frozen peas gently wrapped in place w/ ace bandage. Yes, peas. It contours & shapes
easy. I have special sandals that don't touch that area when it hits. Mine is triggered by hot tight shoes, tomatoes or hi-acid foods. The bed-sheet feels agonizing so I
sleep w/ sock on, outside. Indo. rx is good but bad on stomache if taken too long. I
get great results w/ otc Orudis KT or generic ketoprofen & ice. Found beer/wine was
ok but hard-alcohol caused flare-up. Once I had injection & really helped until I got it
fine tuned to my triggers. Mexican food, also was a problem but 1x a week was ok.
My ski boot also was a problem so I had it heated-reshaped & used those foam rings
over inflamed area later. Mine started in my 30's & usually runs in families except I'm
the only one? It can be very painful & not an old-mans' problem to laugh about. Orudis use to be an expensive rx. 10 yrs ago, I pd. $125 for 30. Now it's the cost of
asprin. Try my suggestions. Heck, I KNOW you'll try anything by now. Good luck.