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I have tried so many things I cant remember all of them but here are some:

OTC Ibuprofen - helps me for headaches, minor aches & pains but doesn't do too much in relieving my lupus flares, osteoarthritis and spine pains
OTC Tylenol & OTC Aleve - only good for headaches for me
OTC Aspirin - does nothing for me at all
OTC Orudis(ketoprofen) - only helped slightly but I took way over the recommended dosages
Magnets - yes I felt like an idiot with all these magnets all over me but I was soo desperate I tried anything. Needless to say, didnt do anything for me.
OTC Glucosamine & Chondroitin - I took it for a year but didnt feel or see any difference. My father takes it for very mild joint aches and he says it helps him. But then again he can pop one Aleve and be totally fine after that.
OTC Ointments - like Ben Gay & every other brand out there - I might have just as well rubbed some moth balls over myself, what a joke.
Bextra - loved this one, it helped me ALOT but of course then it was taken off the market
Celebrex - ehh, worked a little for me, but not any where near as well as Bextra
Elavil - stil taking a very low dose of this. Its an anti-depressant but in low doses is supposed to help for pain & sleep. It does zonk me out like a light bulb every night, but does nothing for my pain.
SKelaxin - for muscle spasms but did nothing for me
Flexeril - for muscles spasms, not sure if it helped but the direx said it usually takes at least 3 days to build up & start working
Heating Pads - wonderfullllllllllllll for muscles spasms! I think this works better than any drug for spasms. Use moist heat & it feels great. I used a heating pad along with Flexeril & personally the heating pad helped more.
OTC Thermocare Heat Wraps/Pad - these work wonders too, great to keep stuck on or wrapped around your back (or other parts) after you get a spasm more under control. You can wear them up to 8 hours & they have some stuff inside that heats up when it hits the air. I got ones for the back that can wrapped around like a belt & stuck together. Can be worn under the clothing no problem.
Percocet - when my back pain first started and was mild, it helped a wee bit
Darvocet - same thing, didnt help much but my pain was worsening when I took this
Vicodin - was just recently taking. Helped a little bit with my joints and my spine pain, better than the other stuff. But I had to stop taking it because I had tons of bruises all over me from it.
Lumbar Spinal Epidural Steroid Injections - Helped pretty well the first shot but didnt get rid of the pain in my thighs & rear.I had 3 shots over 6 weeks. One month after the last shot, it wore off & i was run over by freight train by a flare. But I know others who did these shots & had no more pain
Medrol Dose Pack - worked great the first 2 days, then I felt everything coming back as the dose tapered each day ( i think this was a 6 day dose). THen I got another horrible flare.
Oral Prednisone - this is a miracle drug for me, but because it can cause so many problems down the road it's not good to stay on this too long if you dont need to. I havent been on this while my back is excruciating, so Im not sure how much it would help my back pain but it made every ache in my body go away (even ones i didnt realize i had)
Acuflex - just tried this one, It has 625mg acetominophen and some other tongue-twisting thing-a-ma-jig in it. Didnt help me much since I get alot of inflammation & tylenol doesnt do anythign for inflammation.
Lidoderm Patches - these worked great for about a month for me, until I did too much and ended up with some horrible disc herniations & tears.

Anyway, that is part of cocktail i've tried over the years. Personally im wondering if a Long Island Iced Tea might be the best working cocktail? :dizzy:
Hi again Knight,

Naproxen and ibuprofen are both anti-inflammatories. But you never know which ones might help you unless you try them. Orudis (Ketoprofen) is another one that's OTC in the U.S. Sorry, I didnt know you are in Australia so Im not sure if they carry some of these things there.

Again, heat just seems to work better than anything for spasms. I have a small (maybe 8" x 12") moist heating pad that I can heat up in the microwave but it only stays warm about an hour, then I have to re-heat it. Though from what I've read any sized moist heating pad works the best. Here you can get some that are the size of a whole chair, but they usually have to be plugged in.

Therma-Care heat wraps come in a red box in any drug store around where I am. Wal-Mart most likely carries them too. Do you have a Wal-Mart in Australia? IF so you might want to check in their pharmacy department. The wraps have some stuff built inside them that get activated by air & actually give off heat. It may not be as hot as some regular heating pads, but it's great to use after you get a spasm under somewhat of control. Then you can just put this on your back (or whereever) and wrap it around your waist, kind of like a belt. It's made out of what likes like a sturdy gauzy material (or maybe thin cotton). The heating elements are inside a larger area in the center. Then on each side are straps which are about 3 inches wide and you just wrap it around your waist and stick one end to the other (it does not have actual velcro on it, but somehow it sticks together anyway). It's VERY thin and fits great under your pants & clothes. No one would really be able to tell you have it on. Here they also make these specifically for over the knee, the elbow, and a few other areas. If you can find these somewhere by you, its a big help!!


Hope this helps you!