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I'm sorry to hear about your husband's ankle. Unfortunately, there really isnt a way to tell specifically what would be the best OTC med for him. It's basically trial and error, just as prescriptions can be. Everyone reacts to drugs differently & what helps one person may do nothing for the next. There are many to try, though..such as ibuprofen, aleve, orudis, aspirin, or tylenol. Then there also all kinds of sprays, rubs, and creams..but I think they work mainly on muscle pain. He could also try heat (heat patches or heating pads) or ice. Some people swear by glucosamine/chondroitin (but they take it for a long time) If nothing works and the pain is too much, he might want to consult with a doctor and try a prescription pain reliever/anti-inflammatory (there are many, many more choices to try this way....I know for myself, I have tried many)