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Hi David, I am sorry you're going through all that and know how frustrating it is to have to wait so long to see the rheumy. I don't know much about RA, but I do know it can progress quickly in some people. And if it's more severe, there are stronger prescription meds out there that help keep it under control. If you are looking for an over the counter med to try while waiting to see the rheumy, you've already tried the most common & availble ones (aleve & Ibuprofen). Not sure if aspirin would do anything; other than these, there is one other over the counter anti-inflammatory I know of called Orudis (Ketoprofen). It's usually in green packaging. Howeever, ive noticed at least in my area, it is very hard to find anymore. If you can find it, its another option, though if you have worsening RA, it's doubtful any of these meds would help. Not sure if this will help either, but you might try some moist heating pads over your most painful areas.
Thanks again you all... for all your support and knowledge. I really appreacheate it.
I'm googling and writing down all the med's you all are talking about so I can talk to my Dr. about them. The patch seems heavy duty stuff. And shots in my joints ? ...:( And a pill to make ya FAT ? Nope I don't think so. lol :) - A little humor. Seriously... I think I would try anything that helps at this point.
I know about Orudis KT (keteprofen). I used it a long time ago for something, I don't remember what, but as I recall it was pretty good. I also emember that it was hard to find here too. Maybe I'll try it again.

Bye for now my friends... :)