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My bloodwork shows my red cell count as 3.89 and the NORM is 4.0 to 5.1....My MEAN CELL VOLUME is 97 and the NORM is 80-95. My father was diagnosed 5 months ago with Pernisious Anemia. Could I have it too? I have all or most of the symptoms like the tiredness, shortness of breath, diahrea ( about twice a week for an entire day) Feels like rapid heartbeat at times. Can anyone tell me if its possible to have this. This is probably unrelated but I also have blood in my urine (no infection) and my Epithelial Cells are MANY ( they class them as Low, moderate and many) And from what I read it can mean 3 things..Inflammation,,,Infection which I know isnt there or Malignancy. Anyone know what I could have? I see my Doc in a few days but I cant see a urologist till April 4th...Thanks in Advance.

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Just Dx with multiple ovarian cysts..having C-125 test done for possible malignancy.
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