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The problem with my bf's stomach is that he has acid reflux. He went for an upper GI and a CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis prior to his back surgery because the pain was so bad. He was taking Nexium for along time and then it stopped working. He takes oxycontin and oxycodone for the breakthru pain. For some reason the oxycontin is not getting absorbed into his body but its causing gut pain and acid reflux. The dr put him on prevacid and its helping somewhat but he still needs to go for more testing when he heals from the back surgery. When he does get nausea he takes Relgan. I have to call his pm dr tomorrow and ask about the dosages of his pain meds because they aren't helping so much right now. Thankfully his fever went down today a little. He keeps thinking he is going to end up back in the hospital with another infection but I don't think so this time. Thanks for all the advice here as always. You guys are great.