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Hi Cal,
Welcome. I would suggest that you take a look at the Addiction and Recovery board for some ideas that you may use to help your husband if and when he is ready to face his addiction.
For you, buy a lock box, hide it and keep only a days worth of medication in a little pill container that you can buy in any pharmacy, better yet, keep only one dose in it and keep it in your pants pocket all day, on your person. Hide the rest of the meds in the lock box and hide the key or keep it on your person at all times.
You are really young to be dealing with back problems honey. I hope that you can find some relief soon.
One thing that you have to always keep in mind is that most PM's make you sign a contract, and in that contract are things about being urine tested or drug tested to make sure that you are taking your meds, or pill counts at some practices. Those screenings are done randomly. If you get called in or are made to give a urine sample for testing and you do not show the right levels of the right medications, you are in serious trouble, not only with getting dismissed from the practice but in finding any one else to prescribe your meds as well YOU will be held responsible.
If I were you, I would have an honest conversation with your doctor and tell him that you have discovered that your husband is taking your pain medication. He may have some suggestions for you in regard to how to hide or handle your meds to prevent anyone else getting them. If you are honest with him, he will help you, if you get tested and fail, he is not going to listen to why you are not testing positive for medication. Don't wait until after the fact, be proactive now.
Best of luck to you hon, you have a lot on your plate. Try to get your husband into treatment of some kind. How long have you noticed that your meds are coming up short? If he had an addiction to Oxycontin before, don't be surprised if he is getting them not only from you, but from somewhere else too. Be careful sweetie.