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Hello, being so young, 31, I had SI joint pain due to my ligaments being so lax (hypermobility syndrome) that started when I was 26. It was not due to pregnancy nor anything that they can relate to it. Just one day the pain showed up and wouldn't go away. Eventually, it made it so I couldn't work anymore.

Like most of you I went through cortisone injections in my SI joints, very short lived pain relief. Physical Therapy which while I was going through it worked great but insurance only pays for so much and when the therapy stopped so did the relief. Chiropractic care which one day just stopped working and made it worse actually. And I have had many trips to the ER over the past 5 years that just helped when I was injected with a really strong pain killer. I believe I have been put on just about every pain reliever, CNS (central nervous system) inhibitor, Anti-depressant, etc. trying to alleviate the pain.

Then I found Prolotherapy. Which although very painful to get the injections helped a great deal. For a year and 3 months after the last set of injections I was pain free. Then for me it all came back as out of the blue as it started.

Over the last 5 years I went through several Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists, etc... trying to get permanent relief. After they ruled out it wasn't a form of Arthritis, or some other strange disease. I then found a surgeon that took a look at my tests, films, reports, and told me that surgery would be the only way to fix the instability. And by the time I got to him two of my discs were already herniating but interestingly not to a point where most surgeons will take the risk due to my age. Those doctors said my back had normal wear and tear and I was actually misdiagnosed with something else. But the doctor that took the risk told me that fusing would help especially after he ran several joint blocks and other tests to prove the fusion could help. Since like all the drugs, all the therapy, all the tests, etc. there is nothing out there that definitely works for every one and every case. For me it came down to the fact that I was not willing to give up at my age looking for a way to get better. And I had exhausted all conservative treatment available. And this doctor had done many SI joint fusions which if you ever look for a spine surgeon many doctors have probably done disc fusions but the si joint is an area many doctors including the one I saw before this one told me he just didn't have the experience with. And this one had done many SI joint fusions.

But about mid summer I got my L4-5 to L5-S1 fused along with my left SI joint since the left side was the worst. And two weeks after my surgery I felt so much better than I had felt in months. Two months after the surgery I was able to stop taking Narcotics all together. And now I am just waiting for the si joint to completely fuse. Unlike most surgeons I was told not to go back to work or school until I was completely fused. Most people don't have the ability to stay home that long. Every day I get better and slowly I am getting my life back. I may have to go back to get the right SI joint fused at some point but for me this is what finally fixed my problem. NOTE: the pain is not entirely gone. But it is now manageable. And I can live with it. Before the surgery I was on Oxycontin and it wasn't even really doing anything more than taking the edge off.

So if you get to a point where you are considering surgery take your time. Get all the information you can about the surgery, and I do mean all, like ask your doctors where they go to get their info. Get all the info you can about the surgeon or surgeons you go to, get more than one opinion. Because not every surgeon has the same level of experience or success. And don't be afraid to ask for references. If a doctor is afraid of that then you should be concerned.

And honestly don't give up trying to get better. With all of modern medicine has to offer there is much more out there than most people are even aware of. The internet has a LOT information but unless you check out the source and credibility you could be sent on a wild goose chase.

Good luck and best wishes.