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I am looking for some help!!!
I herniated l4-5 disc on the job tried several non-surgical options injections pt vax-d nucleoplasty. Nothing worked. I gave in and had microdicetomy/laminectomy in 6/06. Herniation is gone but i have developed scar tissue around the l5 nerve root. i am seeing chriopracter and ortho doctor at pennsylvania hosptial. I am in worse pain now than before surgery, the pain radiates down left leg and into foot all day and night. I take lyrica which makes me forgettfull and oxycontin but that only takes a small bit of the edge off. New doctor wants to put a spine cord stimulator in to relieve the pain but i am not sold on this, i am told that injections will not work on the scar tissue. I am sure that i am not the only one that has to live this kind of life, so if there is anyone out there with similar symptoms i would like to hear from you. I have three kids and a wonderful wife, but after two years this has taken a toll on all of us, at this time i am not sure why she stays with me. Any thoughts or suggestions
I had my multi-fusion in October of '07 and in much more pain now then before surgery. In fact, now, I can barely function. I would give anything to be like I was before surgery. I finally found a PM doc that diagnosed me with Post Laminectomy Syndrome aka Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Mine was caused by scar tissue as well. If you put these into a search engine, you will find out that this is back pain that is the same or worse after a fusion or lam. There are other causes as well. You will also see the various treatments for this. For me, I was just started on generic Oxycontin, Tens Unit and Pool Therapy. I am early in my treatment so I don't know how much this will help. I have the pain in my mid-back, L knee and toes. Sometimes, it wraps around to the front of my ribs. So, you are not alone. I know all too well what a shock it can be to find yourself worse now, then before surgery. Just hang in there. I know there is hope for all of us :angel: janiee in Cleveland.