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Hello all , I am sooooo confused atm! I currently have very numb and tingling sharp etc... pain in my left thigh and i am ok with that, My dr. knows why and it is being treated. The right groing and thigh however as started to progressively hurt more and more the past 2 weeks, the last 2 days it has gotten to the poin that I can barely walk at times and/or stand due to the pain or weakness. The muslce spasms are sooo bad that you can watch my leg move up and down while they happen. My pain dr. says that i should just return to my surgeon for him to check the fusion and see if all is ok! Well today the pain was soo bad that I went to my General prac since I hate the ER and the surgeon was closed. GP says that he believes it to be some very bad irritated nerves in the hip area but cant prove it with just xrays. He prescribed me Diladid 4mg every 4 hours (on top of my LA 20mg oxyContin 3x a day), Prednisone for 1 week, and Soma 3x a day.

Long story short my thigh literally feels as if it is going to explode with pressure. Sorry for the long post but any one has ever experienced this feeling please let me know what your "findings" or diagnose was. Thank you soo much and sry for the grammar, meds are kicking my butt atm.