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Hello there! How is everyone?

I am still worse than before surgery. I am still off work.

I have seen a pm guy now, who has put me from 4-5 oxycodones a day (10) to oxycontin - 1 20 every 12 hours. It is NOT working as well, I believe b/c before I was getting the 40-50 throughout the daytime, not the daytime and the nighttime.

We are going to try facet injections, but of course my adjuster went on spring break w/o approving them first. Of course!

I am now about 5 months post-op. My husband is not happy.

For some reason, we can't get spring to come here - I keep waiting for the warmer weather to come, and it's just not coming, and I NEED it!

This is spring break, and my kids are here. It's so hard. Every time I hear screaming or toys spilling, it just makes me cry. I am so helpless!