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;)Diet, as you know from my other posts my mood goes from zero to you know what in zero seconds lol. Nerve pain and chronic pain is so hard to deal with it, we've been dealing with it for so long.

Ya know I was reading "somewhere" last night about nerve pain and it says saddly that it is usually the first thing to come and the last thing to go. Freaking sucks.

Ya know I got off the oxycontin hopeing that was the cause of my mood or short temperedeness. I really think its the combination of it all, stress, pain etc

Stormy said it took her a couple of weeks off the oxy to see the difference so we'll see. I think the kadian is doing better on pain releif than the oxy personally. Are you still on the oxy? What are they giving you for the nerve pain? I am on the topomax and cymbalta, and it is helping alot, I know you've had alot of bad reactions to nerve meds, and so Have I, its werid how we all have weird and different reactions and trying to find the right meds.

ITs so frustrating after all we have these surgerys to try to get off meds and get our lives back. Sorry my emphassis rambling again ;)

You know the drill lol, your very early out, you must baby yourself, take it easy etc. take your meds, stay on top of the pain, walk little bits, don't over do it. Things can turn around. THis is a very crucial time in your recovery don't over do it etc. (Did I miss something ??) Hugs buddy, you hang in there.

Well ya know how we all respond different to medicines look how you have had reactions to different meds.... I couldnt' get my freaking surgeons office to return my calls when the lyrica was having a bad reaction so I went to my own doctor and got it. THis is the weird thing, when I went to the ER, at his own hospital the ER suggested it. Then I read about it on the different forums..and the nurse..my favorite person said she had never heard about it, ofcourse she was the one not returning calls about the lyrica then when she did, she said she had never even heard of that being used for nerve pain.

Well when i saw the surgeon last week, he said that was a great idea. go figure lol.

The surgeon said the topomax isn't as clean as lyrica or neurontin and they usually prefer those, but if you have to bad of side effects then thats ok. Ya know we all act differently with diffeent meds.

Just like vicodin or lortabs they make most people tired, they keep me awake, I guess I am just a freak lol. He said well if the topomax work for you then thats great. They also are used for migraines and moods and some other things, so maybe I wont ever get a headache lol

She said the same thing about switching the oxycontin, she was really pissy when I left the message with the office staff for the surgeon, she called me. She said, I've never even heard of Kadian, I said I dont' even know what it is and I dont' care what you guys switch me to I just want off the oxycontin to see if that is what is causing me the problem, she says well.I've never given anything else but oxy after surgery, I dont' see why your having so many problems, hatefully. Well when she calls back, she said the surgeon said he thought kadian was a wonderful choice. I didnt even know what it was. It turns out it is a extended release morphine..stormy told me about they switched her to.

The other good thing, people dont freak out when you say your on kadian lol.