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Mine went from a little depression to major depression. I can't knock it and i am on anti depressants. I do feel a little better but I also think its not just my brain, its my life. My hearing should be coming up, that would help if I win If I had an income, My spouse and I sepearted 6 weeks post op and hasn't been by my side lets say. we are back together but still isn't a real support sytem or one that gives what someone needs lets say.

Most of my friends bailed, My "parents" are idiots I've had to just give up on them they called me a drug addict and told me things like i was stupid for having surgery...it goes on and on with them. I've never once abused my meds. People here oxycontin ya know...

My daughter is 14 and has went crazy. I've lost my dream job, and the ability to drive and do most things, stuck in the house and I know just the combination of those things is whats gotten me here.

After surgery things were going well for ahwile and my depression lifted life was going great I was happy, I was so happy, then something switched and I was right back to square one. I think my depressin got even worse. Its just so hard and in real life no one understand, here everyone does.

In my "real life" my dogs are my buddys