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Yeah my long lost buddy misses me so much. Oh thanks shawley....I am alive. Yah well the long story short is I had them switch me off the oxycontin to kadian cause I thought that might be my problem. Well the problem is with my now brain I took it the same as the oxy both are 20mg and I took the oxy at six am and six pm. So I took the kadian the same way.

Well I was finally starting to feel pretty good, alot better, the side effects were gone. I was doing great on it. Thought it was a great choice, and then guess what? I went to call and get my refill and read that I was suppose to be taking it once a day or half the dosage I was.

So now after two weeks I am going through withdrawal symptoms. I dont know if I need the other dose to feel better or what will happen but I feel horrible.

I knwo I am braindead here, but no one pointed this out to me, I just knew it was a time release med to, Hell I didnt' know any med was a 24 hour time release. SO...the nurse my Best friend, didnt' really yell at me or anything but she isnt' happy with me just in general, because I am not a success ya know.

So if I am not feeling better soon I am going to ask the surgeon to put me back on that other dosage, if I can get aroudn the nurse.

OTher than that, tank is right here head on my lap. The two new pups are so cute an crazy. Atleast someone loves me, and doesn't go off into the woods forever and forget about me. See why I love dogs? People just let me down...;) By the way I've always had four dogs and always went through about 50 lbs a week lol. The cost is $30 dollars a week, I feed diamond large brred puppy which is an awesome food. and cheep if you get it from feed store.

They sell deer food there to, thats where I buy it, so the deer can stay in my woods and not be killed by mean guys. I don't know if you saw the pic of me putting the pink robe on tank so no one would think he was a deer when I let him out cause of his camo striping. But he is so cute.

Hope you get a good tree this time. If your gonna hunt bambi it should be equal one on one and no guns that would be fair. Remember that video?