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Roy, you are right I am a strong individual. Heck I have been thru 4 spinal surgeries. Hubby will be going with me and at a minimum he needs to know that he has crushed me and stomped on my hopes to get better. It almost makes me wonder if he saw something when he was in doing surgery and has not told me. I need to ask him face to face.

My hubby thinks he might have had a patient that had an addiction problem and is scared of perscribing meds -- one of them is oxycontin---which is very debated among the medical community. The problem is I am allergic to many medications. I just want him to tell me and my gp so that I can receive the pain meds I deserve. LORD knows I don't want to be on meds for the remainder of my life.

I have never ever abused my meds and in fact have taken less than perscribed. I began taking meds around the clock in September after a nerve block when my pain became unbearable. He dropped me then and I had to go to my GP who perscribed up until this surgery.

I will make an appt for early next week to see my GP.

Thank you for responding to me. I needed some comfort from someone who understand what it is like to live in pain day after day. Let's face it family members just don't get it.
Pepper, just catching up on the postings have been away for a few days. You poor poor thing. But after getting to the end of all the postings i can see you have picked yourself up and dusted yourself down and are ready to fight again....................................

How can your surgeon say something like that, as the usual line is it will take 12 months and longer !. I cant understand your medical system over there as I came home on oxycontin and stayed on it for 4 weeks. Then rang my GP for another months supply I didnt need it but just wanted it for those bad old days, so I am totally lost to all the procedures over there!.

I know you were posting about the meds etc. but how are you doing pain and walking around wise........ i take it your family are still around helping you for awhile longer. I smiled when you said your kids pray for your back to get better, my little fella does the same. He claims to everyone that his job is to dry my toes and put on my socks as i cant bend !

Pepper wishing you and your family a very happy new year