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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hello Ladybug :). How are you today? I'm doing good, excited that I don't have to go and let my PM torture me today :D. The past 2 friday's I've had to have ESI's (epidural steroid injections). The injection I had last friday really messed me up, I couldn't move all weekend long. The worse part is these silly injections don't relieve ANY of my pain. I wish they did. I would be estatic if they did, but they don't. My PM wanted to give them another try b/4 we move forward and try something else. I'm not sure if I've told you but I have DDD (like your husband, Mike) and I think my pregnancy set it off b/c within a week of having my son (his nickname is Little E, not sure why b/c there's not a Big E in our family...lol) my back problems started. Since then, my back problems and my pain have steadily gotten worse. I feel like b/4 soon I'm going to be crippled. I see my PM once a mth for a check-up, unless I have a procedure scheduled. The last few mths he has had to increase my meds and the increased dose takes about 4 days to build up in my body and take effect (b/c I take oxycontin). The problem is that the increased dose only seems to provide adequate pain relief for about 5-7 days after the new dose takes effect. I'm so bummed. I have an appt w/my PM next Wednesday on the 16th and last friday, when I had my last ESI, he said we would discuss where we should go from here. Atleast my PM isn't one of those PM's that just pushes injections and writes scripts and that's all, he is willing to "go the distance" so to speak. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that I won't consider surgery again until I try all other treatments and they all fail.

Does your husband have to take meds daily for pain to be able to work so hard like he does? Has he had any problems with his back since '04? I bet he's stiff alot, especially w/arthritis. So, it's not just you that has a SUPER, HIGH tolerance for pain...lol...your girls should be fine if they ever find themselves dealing with surgery or some other medical problem that causes pain...that certainly is a good thing.

You were (still are!) young when you had a hysterectomy. My mom was going through the change when she had her hysterectomy and she made it very clear to her dr that she wasn't interested in HRT. Luckily, she didn't have any crazy side effects from the hysterectomy except hot flashes, which she still has. I don't blame you for choosing not to do HRT, a friend of mine had a hysterectomy at age 26 b/c of endometriosis and she tried HRT. She had an aweful time.

I think it really says something about Christian teens that go to church, are involved in church, and try to do the right thing, especially in today's world where it is so easy to get involved in bad things. You and your husband must be proud. I know I would be :). Do you and your husband go to church with your girls now?

Have you heard back from your former w/c dr yet? I'm hoping and praying you do soon!

I'll talk to you soon! Take care!

God Bless,
Scrappin' Maniac[/FONT]
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hello Ladybug,

Ok, I'm doing much better today...about my PM appt yesterday...my appt was orig scheduled for today but for some reason my dr had to reschedule for yesterday (I have to see him 1x/mth for new rx's) so I didn't have a babysitter...my PM overbooks (on purpose I think) so I was at his office for 3 hrs with my 2 yr old...fun, fun...let me give you some background on my back problems...after I had my son I started having back pain that kept getting worse, eventually leading to sciatic nerve pain in left leg and foot which was soon replaced by numbness...first MRI showed 3 herniated discs - L1, L3, L5 - L5 was compressing sciatic nerve causing leg/foot numbness, my GP rx'd a nerve relaxer, pain meds and sent me to PT, PT provided no relief so GP sent me to PM (diff PM then current PM) for ESI's, ESI's provided no relief so PM referred me to a NS for surgery...my NS came HIGHLY recommended...I was sent for a 2nd MRI b/4 1st pre-op appt to make sure no new damaged discs...my NS decided to take a "conservative" approach...he wanted to fuse L5-S1, the disc he thought was causing my back pain and leg/foot numbness...he said he would go back in and fuse L1 and L3 if I was still experiencing back pain after I recovered from surgery...back then (almost a yr ago) I was very naive and uneducated regarding my back problems...I honestly thought I would have surgery and after the 3 mth recovery period I would be able to resume my life as normal...lol...yes, a bit naive on my part, I know...anyway...my husband and I thought a conservative approach was the way to go for obvious reasons - the more disc's you fuse, the less mobile you end up being...after surgery my NS told me how shocked he was at the terrible shape my back was actually in, he said I had the back of a 60 yr old's and I was 28 at the time...my NS gave me pain meds for 7 mths after my fusion b/4 referring me to my current PM dr...NS NEVER discussed further surgery and I would say my pain has increased since surgery by more than 50% compared to what it was b/4 surgery...b/4 surgery me and my son could go out and about during the day and do things but since surgery, I've been in too much pain to do that...I'm convinced once my surgeon cut me open and actually saw the terrible shape of my back, he thought there was no way he could take on the responsibility of fixing it, so his way out was to dump me onto a PM dr...at my first appt with my current PM he sent me for a new MRI, and by this time, I had wised up quite a bit, so I made sure that I also received a copy of the written MRI results...well, to my surprise the MRI showed more damage then L1, L3 and L5...I also had a few bulging and herniated discs in the thoracic area, so I called the MRI place and had them send me a copy of my MRI written results from the MRI I had prior to surgery...you can probably guess what it showed...it showed the same problems as my most recent MRI did, except for L5-S1, which was fused...why my NS didn't feel it necessary to discuss the new findings w/me I'll never know, but I can say that had I known I would NOT have simply agreed to have a level 1 fusion at L5-S1...I was left feeling very deceived....anyway, my new PM let me know that I was a statistic of "failed fusion syndrome"...lol...great, doc...keep pouring salt on the wound...that simply means surgery didn't take my pain away, I honestly feel it's a copout on my surgeon's part...my PM told me that 70-75% of all fusion patients end up a statistic of failed fusion syndrome...whatever...anyway, me and my PM had a rocky start and it looks as if we're going to have a rocky finish too...at my 1st appt he treated me like I was a drug addict and told me he didn't rx oxycontin to new patients (after my fusion my NS rx'd oxy and percocet for b/t pain for 7 mths post-op, b/4 he dumped me on PM), luckily, a few days b/4 my 1st appt I had filled my last oxy script from my NS and fortunately by the time my 2nd appt came my PM already had my new MRI results and also my drug test results so his tune changed drastically...he knew my pain wasn't in my flipping head and that I wasn't abusing my pain meds, so he has given me rx's every mth since w/out a problem...over the last mth I tried ESI's again, even tho they have never provided relief b/4, b/c my PM wanted to give them one last chance...he told me if they didn't work we would discuss what to try next at the appt I had yesterday...he was a completely different dr yesterday...1st of all, for the last 4 mths my PM has told me that I am too young for more surgery right now and that I need to just focus on managing my pain, basically buy time until I'm older when surgery would make more sense, but yesterday he told me that L1 is a HUGE protrusion and surgery is probably the only option...he seemed really annoyed that the ESI's didn't work and that my pain is out of control - he refuses to change or adjust my pain meds even though my pain is out of control - he said increasing my pain meds would work for a week or two but then my pain would revert back to being severe again so he's not going to bother adjusting them, I've also had severe pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades where the thoracic discs are, since my surgery about a yr ago and my PM has told me b/4 that he will send me for an MRI of my thoracic area but yesterday he told me he didn't think it was my thoracic disc, he thought I had pain there b/c I have poor posture and big breasts - what?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me to buy a support bra, which is insulting, b/c compared to most women I don't have big breasts. If that's what's causing that much pain, why haven't I always had pain in that area? He wants me to have 2 nerve blocks, which I assume will also provide no pain relief for me. Basically, he told me if I don't respond to the nerve blocks then he's done with me and I'll need to go back to my NS....hmmmm...he is a pain mgmt dr...aren't they suppose to manage your pain?

I'm disgusted with all doctors...I refuse to have more surgery, been there, done that, not interested.

I'm sorry this is sooo long....thanks for letting me tell my story...I sincerely appreciate it b/c no one can really understand how I feel except someone that's been there.

Take care,
Scrappin' Maniac[/FONT]