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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]Hi Wendy,

I can relate to your situation. I'm young, 29, and was originally diagnosed with DDD when I was 27. In addition to having DDD, I also have problems w/bulging and herniated discs and permanent sciatic nerve pain/numbness.

Are you in pain in between your flare ups, or only during them? I have chronic pain but probably more so from the bulging and herniated discs than from DDD. If you're experiencing chronic pain I would recommend discussing a longer lasting (extended release) pain med with a shorter acting pain med for breakthrough pain with your doctor. I take oxycontin 2x's a day and percocet (10/325) for b/t pain. There are lots of extended release pain meds on the market that last up to 12 hours like oxy. I like oxy b/c it controls my pain well and I don't have to take it every 4 hours like I would if I were just taking percocet. I don't have any experience with pain patches but you may want to check on the pain mgmt board, there are a few people there that use them.

You may also want to switch the meds you currently take for migraines to something else, so when you take percocet for your back, your tolerance level is higher. Have you tried any other meds for migraines? I take topamax for sciatic nerve pain but I know it's also on the market for migraines. One of the side effects of topamax is weight loss, which I have to say is a plus. Just a thought.

Please let us know what you and your doctor decide to do. Either way, I sincerely wish you the best.

Take care,