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Moldova have they tried oxycontin ?? So far, I can only take oxycontin and precocet for pain killers. I am allergic to everything else.

The only antidepressent I can take is prozac so far. The only nerve medication I have not had a reaction to is topomax and I have not tried that yet.
Wow!! I feel loved. Have you missed me ???? :)

Here is a little update for you.

I have continued with the cymbalta despite aching and stiff joints. The splotches have disappeared. I decided to try and work thru it. I am so desperate for relief that I was praying that once the medication was in my system it would resolve. I know it was extremely risky but at this point I was willing to take the chance. We just make sure that someone stays with me at all times. I think if I have not had any major reaction at this point, that I am probably going to be okay.

I have been on cymbalta now I think 2 weeks and I am noticing a difference in my nerve pain. My nerve pain is not constant down my legs unless I stand for more than 5 minutes then it rears its ugly head or walk more than 400 ft.

This is a big improvement for me. I still continue with the aching and stiff joints but I would rather deal with this then the nerve pain. I have noticed my appetite is horrundous since starting cymbalta and I need to try and regain control of that. Right now, I have people from church cooking and bringing these elaborate dinners to my house with scrumptous desserts and muffins and breakfast burritos which is not helping the situation. Tonight dessert was a slice of cheesecake - real cheesecake - probably 4 inches in thickness. I am in heaven and have a large pan of it in the refrigerator. :)

As far as my balance issues, they are worsening. I fall an average of 3 to 4 times a day. I use my cane out of the house and reverted back to using the walker inside the house. I am anxious for my GP to run all the tests and see if anything else can be causing the problem. I suspect there is nothing else but it is a good thing to check it out. I am not sure what is causing the falling - a couple of times I think I am stumbling over my foot and other times I think the leg is collapsing.

The good news is that I can walk 400 ft then the nerve pain starts in my leg. I know 400 ft does not sound like alot but I have not been able to walk this far in almost 2 years without buckets of tears. I consider this a major improvement and pray that I can push it a little further in the coming months.

I used to be able to stand without alot of pain for up to 1/2 hour prior to my surgery. Now I can't stand for more than 5 minutes without excrutiating back pain. I am really upset about this new development and pray that this is temporary.

I continue to not be able to sit more than 5 minutes and have been this way since Feb of last year.

I have also developed since surgery alot of upper back pain in the thorciac area - burning and aching. I hope this is simply due to inflammation and not something new going on. I definitely don't need anything else.

As far as my pain meds, I continue to take meds around the clock 24/7. I take oxycontin 20 mg. 2 x daily with percocet 10-325 mg. every 4 to 6 hours. Generally I can hold off until 5 hours to take the percocet. Since my surgery 8 weeks ago, I am on more meds then prior to surgery. I have tried to cut my meds but the pain is just to much. Last visit, my Family Doctor agreed to take over my meds and he told me to research methadone and will probably be switching me over to it in February.

Mentally, I am doing a little better. I continue to be upset with my surgeon and believe that he saw something/something happened during my last surgery because he has made statements that I have failed back syndrome. Of course I could never prove this. However, my pain is certainly worse and I have more problems now then before the surgery. Also he has changed dramatically since surgery as far as his attitude of me getting better since surgery.

Mentally, I have had to put aside my anger and my depression for my children and hubby sakes. As a family we are trying to hold all the pieces together and just move forward with everyone pitching in where they can. We have to take it one day at a time and pray that the LORD will HEAL me.

In the meantime for now, I am thru with surgery and plan on managing my back with meds, accupuncture, biofeedback, relaxation tapes, and pool therapy.

Thanks for caring and being here for me.