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[QUOTE=randy71;3389958]Does anyone know how pm doctor reduces your meds after you have had spinal cord stimutation surgery. I use the stimulator all the time. The only time I turn it off is to charge it. I really don't know how to tell how much this thing helps. It has helped. I don't know what to tell him at my next appointment. My pain level still at times goes up to an 8 to ten level. It averages I guess between 4 to 6. Anyone have any idea how this process works. I'm on avinza, xodol, zanaflex, cymbalta, lexapro, lynesta.

Any ideas would help.

It depends on the doctor. Some use a formula of 10 %-25% reduction over a few days or a week. I tapered myself off Oxycontin when we were discussing changing over to Opana but I think doctor's tend to follow a similar formula for reduction.
I was able to reduce my dosage every 3 days but some doctors go slower and some faster.....I would ask your doctor what his plans are . They should keep you on a breakthrough med given that your pain levels are still up there.