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Hello, I would be one of those who had severe pain after a block. I had one done in September of 2007 and have not recovered. I did have back surgery in 11/28 to remove hardware on one side and a double laminiectomy but to be honest my pain has not gone away from the nerve block. My surgery has had no affect on it. I feel very strongly that something went wrong with the injection because when it was given on the table I experienced the worse pain in my life down my leg. I almost came off the table until my surgeon started yelling at me not to move.

Before the block I was on 1 or 2 5-325 percocets. Now I am on 5 percocets 10-325mg daily and oxycontin 2 tab 20 mg. I am still in severe pain.

So yes it can definitely happen and I am praying that this is temporary for you.