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Hey guys. Well, first of all im a 21 year old young man with endless opportunities and great health. But... I am addicted to opiods. Started off in highschool w/ a few vicodens on the weekends, fast forward 4 years and I'm an addict. My drug of choice is definately oxycontin. I loved snortin' the brand name OCs and was doing a good 4-5 80mgs a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less; really varied on my cash situation and if they were availabe. The withdrawls were so hard for me I was turning to black tar heroin if I couldn't get any pills; whatever I could get to stop the w/d. And I was messing up my relationships, was broke, and could never be relied upon. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. So one night I smoked some weed (Rarely smoke) and it made me start thinking; I took a step back and analyzed my life and realized my life has gone to sh--.

I've tried to stop several times but the w/ds are hard to handle. The abdominal pain is the worst, not to mention all the other symptoms, it was too much; so I always went back. So I did some research and decided to try suboxone treatment. So today I went in and they charged me $250.00 just to see the doc. They don't take any insurance! And I have a really good PPO; what a waste. Then I go to the pharmacy and pay $140 for 25 suboxones! So yeah, it's expensive lol. But honestly it's nothin compared to what I'd spend on drugs on the street. I hope it works tho for the price.

Anyways, my first impressions of the drug are good. It does exactly what you want it to do; make you feel normal. Not high, but not cruddy from w/d. It's strange, I haven't felt "normal" like this in who knows how long. And it's been 14 hours since I took it and I feel as good as hour 1. The most appealing aspect is 1 pill a day and your good; it's a strange, but great, feeling not having my whole day be about getting high or finding pills. I just hope I don't trade one vice for another. Either way this is better than going cold turkey and relapsing everytime.

Any opinions on suboxone treatment? Advice? I just wanted to talk about my situation; it feels good to talk about it even over the net. I'll give a report on my progress in a few weeks. Maybe my experience quitting can help someone else.

Thanks guys