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In most cases, it takes several weeks, if not longer, to become physically tolerant to meds. Most addiction is "mental" whereas physical tolerance is your body's dependance on a substance, like caffeine for example. If you drink coffee every AM, your body will eventually become physically dependent and won't like it if you suddenly quit. Ativan is a schedule III med, which means it has abuse and addiction potential, but nearly as much as schedule I and II meds. For example, comparing Ativan (III) to Oxycontin (II) to Cocaine (I) is comparing apples to oranges to watermellons. A lot of what you read on this board is people dependent on very strong meds and/or doses.

If you can, give your body a periodic break, which will help. For example, if you can skip a day or two or more per week, your body will know it can do without it. Play it by ear and skip when you feel you're ok. Even skipping just one day, will help a lot.

Work with your family Doc on a plan, and he/she may script an alternative that isn't as troublesome. Many of these meds are very safe if taken as directed.

Good luck!:)