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My doctor recently decided after 5-6 years of medication (started with percocet then went to oxycontin then ended with 10mg of methodone 2x day) that abrouptly that I did not need the pain medicine anymore. He was also giving me topomax and said that was all I needed. I told him that if this is the plan, don't I need to go to a treatment program? He said no and put me on another medicine (hydrocodone) and said I would be fine. The first day I was fine, but by the second night I barely slept. The third night I didn't sleep and called the doctor. He said I would be fine and by the weekend I would be done with all the side effects. Each day I got worse. The hydrocodone made me sick. I called again and said I am very ill and don't know what to do. I never detoxed and don't know what to expect. He gave me a handful of methodone in very low dose and said don't take them unless you absolutely need to and trust me you will be find by the weekend. I am a terrible mess, haven't been able to work and don't know what to do. I don't have 20,000 for a treatment program.

Any suggestions would be great. Are they other kinds of treatment programs?

Also, how will I know I don't need the medicine? I was given the medication for nerve pain in my eyes.