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Hi all!
I have been home a week now since L5S1 fusion and decompression laminectomy. I have been walking around the house and getting up and down the stairs pretty good. I have gone for 2 walks outside with my cane and gone about 200 yds total each time. My pain stays primarily a 5 or 6 with pain reliever which is Oxycontin 10 mg 2x/day and Oxycodone IR - been taking 10mgs about 4 times/day. The pain I have is focused primarily in my lower back. It did seem to get a bit worse in the past few days and I may have blamed myself for doing something I shouldnt have, however, so many people described that this is a common phenomenon that I am chalking it up to normal. So all in all, I guess I can count my blessings and just let my body heal. I would love to be able to go back to work at 6 weeks. We will call it clerical type work standing on my feet much of the day, typing and using my hands with opportunities to sit on a stool as necessary. I know this goal is not in my control but I would love to hear others opinions.

Thank you all so much!
Peace and Prayers,
L5S1 Microdiskectomy 10/04
L5S1 posterior Fusion with hardware and laminectomy