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I have been doing SO well with my taper off percocets.( down to ONE 7.5 mg day )from 5-7 a day.:angel: Even turned down off for oxycontin from Dr. at one time.
my question is this. I had developed bronchitis as after effect of the flu and couldn't get over the ickies( didn't resort to taking extra percs though ),. Went to Urgent Care and was presribed 4 ounces of Tussionex.( along with antibiotic and steriod dose pack for inflammation) I was to take it at night if coughing woke me up or kept me up. I took it DURING THE DAY. I took the prescirbed amount plus a dab more. Didn't catch a buzz per se but did feel good.:D How is this going to effect my taper off the percocets ?:confused: