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Hi Improv, my PM prescribed Oxy IR, which has no Tylenol in it, so I don't have to worry about further liver damage (already have Hep-C) -- isn't that great? I am tapering now and hope that I can stick to it. I have a legitimate pain condition and have tried to rationalize that I have a legitimate need for pain meds. However, I've had to steadily increase the dose over the years just to get that little initial buzz, which was part of the reason I didn't like Oxycontin (taken as directed, you don't get the buzz). Anyway, now I need the Oxys just to function on a daily basis....and I have the same concerns that Baja mentioned -- worrying about having enough with me, getting hot flashes while I'm out and running in the bathroom to quick take my dose, but they're just getting ever more frequent....and really not helping the pain anyway.

I just counted out the rest of my supply and I don't think I have enough to finish the taper. So the dilemma will be whether to tell my doc at the next appt, so he only gives me a small supply.....or not saying anything and getting the usual 120....just in case. I hope I have the fortitude to be honest with him. Good luck with whatever you decide. I find the support on this board to be invaluable.