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For those of you that don't know me, I have a friend on Oxycontin (Oxyvodone, Roxys) and I want to help get her off of them.

If I can get her to spend say 4-5 hours on this site, when is the best time? I mean, what is the best time of day that she might not be in a thick fog? Early in the morning before she takes any pillls? Just before she normally takes a pill?

Also, If she has kept it secret from everyone (denies it to me), and currently is not ready to quit, what are the chances her reading what all of you wonderful people have to say would have an effect? 50%, 20%? I believe most of you came to this forum with a desire to get clean, so this forum had a bigger impact.

I would appreciate any help, because I truly want to help a friend.