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Reach -- I hope I can join you in "Average Jane-land" soon. It would be so nice to go somewhere and not have to worry about how many pills I need to have with me....or whether I'll start to have hot flashes while I'm out....or how bout this one -- sometimes, instead of taking just what I need for the few hours I'm out, I take the whole bottle with me because I'm afraid if my car breaks down or I'm in an accident, I won't be able to get home to get them.....sad, huh....

Medd -- interesting story about the lady struggling with those pills. I know I will have that dilemma myself. I have a supply of Oxycontin 20 mg that, THANKFULLY, I decided not to use. I had tried a few, but ended up having to take the IR's for break-through pain anyway. I didn't want to add 40 mg/day to the already 60-75 mg I was already taking. Thank goodness, huh? That would've even been MORE to taper from. Anyway, I still have the Oxycontins and am, of course, struggling with what to do with them. SOOO afraid of running out during the taper, having bad WDs and freaking out. I promise you guys, if I can get through this, I'll flush 'em! If they're here, it will be too much temptation if I'm having a bad "pain" day.