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Dee, I do understand about being scared being on the hard core stuff. I am on oxycontin which is a long lasting med usually dosed at one pill every 12 hours so 2 per day. My doctor has me on 1 pill every 6 hours. YIKES. I hate taking the medication but what are you supposed to do?? Suffer??? No thanks, I been there and done that for a couple of years now and although I still hurt I do not hurt 1/2 of what I used to.

Try not to worry to much about what the nurses think. Truly they are just like friends and family and don't understand what it is like to live with pain 24/7. It wears you down physically and mentally. Remember you need the meds for pain and you are not taking them for the fun of it.

Take care and I pray that you have a low pain day today. :angel: