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I'm here!! Thank you for asking. Life is keeping me on my toes these days. As my dear friend, Moldova, shared with you between homeschooling, an asthmatic in the house, and my dad having surgery - I have been busy.

Thankfully all turned out okay with my back and I am back to my normal pain levels after my fall. My doctor put me on oxycontin but broke up the dose into a dose every 6 hours versus 12 hours and I am doing much better. I also have been chatting on the pain mgmt board more. I do post on this board but not as frequently. I feel that my back has taken a move into a different direction. My back problems are chronic and unfortunately there is not that much more that I can do except to take a handful of pills. :(

Lisa, please keep us posted on that MRI and I promise to keep checking back to hear your update. I pray that they can find some answers for you and end this pain once and for all!!