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I had an MRI done last Tuesday and the technician wouldn't give me any info. Just said he has to send it to my dr. I haven't heard anything from the dr yet, and think I will call on Monday to follow up. Is that appropriate or am I being a pain? I really want to find out what my next steps are for my sciatica pain since this is really hard to live with. I noticed a lot of people posting the results of their MRI's, so do I just ask my dr for a copy of it? He'll probably ask why I want it, what do I say? I know dr's don't like us self diagnosing our results, so I suspect he wouldn't want me to have it.

The MRI was done because I have a herniated disk l4-l5 with severe sciatica pain down my left leg and into my foot. The nerve pain in the foot is the worst and I can't walk more than 5 minutes (with the help of a cane). Am taking 20mg oxycontin 2ce a day with 10mg oxycodine for BT (once a day if needed). It's only been 7 weeks but there has been no improvement - actually getting worse in pain and not being able to walk. Physio exercises havent' helped.

Just want to get moving on this. Also, would a cortizone shot help?
Thanks and take care everyone!