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Sorry if I'm in the wrong place, I'm new and am not really sure how or where to ask my question. Here it is...(sorry for the long intro) I have moderate to severe chronic pain. I have three herniated disks in my neck and I'm an artist by trade which means that I frequently have my arm up for many hours at a time which always adds to the pain. Anyways, I've been addicted to pain killers for about ten years now. It started with 5-6 Vicodin a day for quite a few years, then shot up to as many as 20-30/day. The doctor thought my liver was going to explode from the Acetominophin so he put me on Oxycontin. I started out taking 4 40mg/day and ended up at 8 80mg/day plus morphine tabs when the pain was extra bad. After taking the Oxy for a while I started having severe joint pain in literally every joint. I got off Oxy, was so sick from wd's that I was hospitalized for a while and threw up for two weeks straight. Nightmare!!! Now I am taking Norco. I try to stay under 12 pills a day but it's climbing. I'm at anywhere from 12-20 now and my joints are starting to hurt again. Has anyone else experienced severe joint pain from opiates? Also, I need to get off the Norco now. Any advice on whether to simply get off or should I attempt to go the suboxone/subutex route? I really don't want to be a drug addict but I'm often consumed with pain. Any suggestions/advice? Thank you for reading this!