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Hi all! I'm very happy to have found this board. Your insights have been very helpful. My question is this: Last year, I detoxed from 8-80mg Oxycontin pills a day. I thought I could just quit but I ended up in the ER and after that, I literally threw up for two weeks straight, not one stitch of food, barely conscious, horrible pain... HELL, the worst two weeks of my life!! I am now on 10-20 Norcos a day (totally off Oxy) and can't seem to successfully ween off of them. I'm a little scared to quit cold turkey because of my Oxy experience, should I bite the bullet and just go for it? Am I going to be okay? Or should I try the Suboxone/Subutex route? I know you guys can't really tell me if I will definitely be okay, but an experienced opinion would be greatly appreciated. I've been taking opiates for about ten years now and worry every day about the damage I'm doing to my liver/kidneys from the acetomenophin. Thank you so much for your input!