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Hi Reach,

Good morning and thanks for the reply!

I think the sneeze is 90% cold, and 10% w/d. When I went through w/d the first time some years ago I remember the sneezes - usually five at a time. This is just three. :-(

As far as doses go, I've been lowering the total daily dose by first cutting the incremental dose, and then the number of doses per day. So, for example, 15mg 4x per day, then 3x per day, the 12.5mg 4x per day, then 3x etc. Not always exactly so, but you get the idea. I don't take the stuff just before bedtime, as I had always taken it during the day. At one point I was having trouble sleeping from night pain and the PCP prescribed Oxycontin, 10mg., before bedtime. It didn't do much - still woke up - so I stopped taking them and did not refill. I'm really glad I did given what I'd read since! (e.g. time release is harder to withdraw from!)

Funny as it may sound, I'm looking forward to the sneezing. As you said, it's the body healing itself.

Best Wishes,