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I will let you know, that it is probably more like 50 % relief, but still, that is better than I have had in a long time;). When wrote that I thought I was getting 70% relief, that was when I 1st got out of the hospital, was still on all my meds, and i was not driving or going anywhere. Once I started back to work a bit and started moving around, I realized the difference. Pepper-Dr. Sandhu, at Georgetown hospital, did mine and he specializes in complex spine issues. I figured that I couldn't find a specialist that was more perfect for me;). I have had my other surgeries at Fairfax and I will tell you, the after care was so lacking and the 1st time even out right bad. But I wrote it off to the nurses must be under staffed and under paid and there are just too many patients to actually get the care that there should be. I honestly thought this is probably how it is in any hospital. Let me tell you, I could not believe the attention and service that Georgetown gave to their patients. I was shocked. Every morning, the nurse would come in and ea. pt. had a white board on their wall. The nurse would write her name and the techs. name, for that day, would ask you what you wanted your goal for the day to be, and what your description of good service would be. Even when they decided on your room, they asked if you snore...so they would not put you with someone that did. So, it was well worth going a little further out to be treated well.

As for my meds, I have gone off of my Neurontin 100%. I have been completely off of those, for about 2 weeks and have only had 2-3 times that I started to feel the burning sensations beginning. I upped the level on the stimulator and I did not feel the pain again. As for my Oxycontin, I am still taking the dosage that I was on. I was taking 30 mg. twice a day, which from what my dr. says, is a pretty low dose. I have tried cutting it down to 20 mg. and it was fine, as long as I did not go out and do anything. But then I thought it kind of defeated the purpose...which was to get some of my life back.